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Float Pod

Looking for a float pod in Salt Lake City? Visit the first one to offer a massage therapist in the same location. Getting a massage after a float is like cutting through ice cream with a hot knife. 

What is a float pod? It is a large bath-like filled with 1,000 pounds of medical-grade Epsom salt and 300 gallons of skin temperature water. This amount of salt makes anyone who lays in the water float effortlessly. 

Why would you want to try a float pod? There are a number of reasons to float. My favorite is relaxation, the feeling of floating in thin air is one of the most relaxing states your body can experience. The temperature of the water is the same as the temperature of your skin which causes your nerves to have a hard time distinguishing where your skin ends and the water starts. This is part of the idea behind sensory deprivation. You wear earplugs and the pod is dark. This takes away your sense of hearing, feeling, and sight allowing your brain to take a break that can be very refreshing.

This sensory deprivation and relaxation can allow you to meditate or visualize in a way you can’t do in most other places. Many high-level athletes use floating to visualize how they will perform outside the pod. This technique has been shown to improve performance and in some cases of injury, it allows the athlete to continue a level of training without the use of their body. 

The float also helps with injury because of the Epsom salt and the relief of the effects of gravity. This service is used by people with chronic pain and joint conditions. 

Floating is also used to help anxiety disorders and even people with PTSD. The euphoric feeling you get after floating can help alleviate the effects of some mental disorders for days or even weeks following the float. 

Float Pod Prices –

  • First Time Float – $39
  • One Hour Float – $60
  • Package of five floats – $250
  • Package of ten floats – $400