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Are your eyebrows on “fleek”?

microblading salt lake city

Microblading…. What’s all the buzz about??

Doesn’t it seem as though it just boomed out of nowhere overnight? Would it surprise you to know that microblading has actually been around since Egyptian times? Crazy right?! In the beauty industry everything seems to always come in phases…. Phasing in and phasing back out; however, I think microblading is here to stay.

So what is microblading exactly? Glad you asked, because we’ve got answers! Microblading is where hair-like incisions are made into your skin, creating a natural looking hair stroke. While the stroke is being cut, pigment is being inserted into the incision. Microblading is a natural looking “semi-permanent” tattoo, which can last 18-24 months depending on your skin type.

So tell me, Ladies and Gents, who was a victim of the 90’s and has over-plucked eyebrows?? *Raising hand now* Good news! We can actually re-create a brow that looks natural and flattering to your face, by adding hair strokes back to those over tweezed brows! Hallaleujah!! Even brows that may have an awesome shape, but need a little bit of “umph”, can benefit from microblading. Here at Beaute Marque Studio, Payton and Brooklynn are dedicated to giving our clients beautiful brows.

Alright, now, I know what some of you are thinking…. that sounds amazing!! BUT… *dun dun dun*…. does it HURT?! I won’t tell you this is a pain -free procedure, because every person is different; some people tend to be more sensitive than others. However, over all, clients have reported the pain level at about a 1 or 2 (rarely a 3), on a scale of 1-10, with a 10 being the most painful. See… beauty doesn’t have to be painful, my friends!

So now that you understand what microblading is, lets go over what to expect in an appointment, shall we?!
  • Every appointment starts with a consultation, going over your likes and dislikes of your current brows.
  • After the consultation, we begin to “map out” your brows to the best shape possible. This is the part where you get to be picky. Remember, these are on your face and you want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the shape before moving ahead with the microblading!
  • After a shape is agreed upon, numbing cream will be applied and 20 minutes will be given to allow it chance to set it.
  • After sitting for the 20 minutes, the actual microblading process goes down. Can I get a “Woot Woot”?! The microblading itself only takes about 45 minutes to an hour; however, the entire appointment is about 2 – 2 1/2 hours.
Remember, the majority of your appointment is spent on consulting with you and insuring the best shape possible. We promise to aim for perfection, keeping in mind of course that eyebrows are sisters and not twins! So with all of that said, now that you have the down low on microblading, what are you waiting for?! Schedule your microblading appointment today! Your brows will thank you.

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