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Why Is Self Care So Important?

When is the last time you took a moment just for YOU? Time to decompress and center yourself, put your worries aside and just relax?!?! If you are like me, this is something that gets put on the back burner all too often. For this reason, I felt it important we take a moment to discuss taking care of ourselves… aka Self Care.

Self-care has a high impact on many areas of our lives. There are the more visible aspects such as looking good and well-manicured so that the people around you can see that you take care of yourself. But what about the less visible areas of self-care?

Did you know that there are four dimensions that encompass all you do to take care of yourself and your well-being? These four dimensions are;





With everything that is going on with the world in the current day, almost everyone has put at least some, if not all of their self-care activities to the side. Whether this was a personal choice or a government-mandated action varies.

It has been driven into our minds that self-care activities are optional and a luxury. While this can be true in certain instances, if we look further into how some of these activities play a positive role in our lives, it’s debatable how much of an option they really should be.

Let’s take a few moments to focus on the psychological dimension of self care for now.

This is a post for a spa, so we are going to talk only about spa services and plug our business right? Wrong!! While spa services are obviously huge self-care items, there are many other options for self-care as well.

Everyone has a different idea of what self-care means to them. Things as simple as having a routine sleep schedule (with enough hours of sleep), taking a break when needed and using sick time, meditating, reading a book, going for a walk, and believe it or not helping others are all great examples of self-care.

It has been proven that each of these actions (and many many many more) have a positive impact on mental health. When you are well rested your mind can function properly and digest stressful situations appropriately. Taking sick days and breaks when needed allows you to recharge and not overload yourself. Meditation can allow your mind to reach out to a more peaceful place and bring calm in. And when you are doing for others it reduces your stress and improves your self-esteem and happiness.

I would like to try to emphasize and reiterate that it’s not selfish to take some time each week to care for yourself, do something for yourself and make YOU happy. I think for some of us our natural instinct is to look out for others, make sure the person next to you has everything they need and want. Yet we also need to make sure we are ok. Taking time for ourselves has an impact on our overall wellbeing and affects our life tremendously. If you are one of those people that go through guilt when putting yourself first (raising my own hand) I challenge you to just step out of that and take an hour this week to focus on YOU in whatever way that may be. After doing so, follow up with yourself and take note of the change or changes you feel after taking that “Me” time. I have listed a few ideas above but I will be happy to link a post below that has more ideas in case you need some.

I think it’s safe to say we all know that being happier, more relaxed, recharged, peaceful, etc will allow us to live an overall better and more fulfilling life. It is so easy to put self-care items on the back burner. More specifically those “luxury” self-care items like going to a spa, especially during difficult financial times.

Of course, Beaute Marque is the holy grail of self-care. All of the services offered at our spa allow you to sit back relax and put the stresses of the world aside. And although spa services are options, let’s not discredit the mental benefits they bring. Studies have shown that spa treatments are able to help with stress, anxiety, and even depression.

The energy that is felt after completing a spa treatment will most certainly trickle down to have a positive effect on your mental health and the next set of tasks you need to take on.

Beaute Marque offers an array of self-care services from a much-needed massage, to a facial that will certainly keep your skin glowing. Or, if you are looking for a less touchy, no contact approach, a float in the float pod is certain to do the trick.

I urge you to read the attached links and step up your self care game in anyway you can! If you don’t do it who will?

Six Reasons Why Top Athletes are Using Float Tanks to Up Their Game

You may or may not have heard of float tanks yet. Float tanks or pods are also called deprivation chambers. It isn’t a new amenity, but it is just beginning to become more available to the general public. Professional athletes have been using them for years. In fact, most professional organizations have one in their training facility. They are known to help speed recovery time, help visualization, and increase overall relaxation.  

A float pod is a large tub or pool of water filled with vast amounts of Epsom salt. This simple mixture creates an environment primed for health and mental benefits that are beneficial to everyone, but especially for high-performing athletes.  


1. Reduces Recovery Time reduce-recovery-time-by-using-a float-pod

The 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt in the float pod is full of minerals that have been shown to reduce inflammation, detox, and facilitate the reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The deep relaxation that the muscles are able to experience can also increase blood flow and help remove lactic acid from the body, reducing the muscle soreness we experience after intense training activities.  

2.Removes Gravity from the Joints    

The ratio of salt to water in the pod is so high that you float on the top of the water effortlessly. This removes the effects of gravity for the time you are floating giving your joints and muscles the opportunity to relax in a way they have never been able to, not even while sleeping or getting a massage. 

3. Extreme Relaxation   

The water in the float pod is 93.5 degrees which is the same temperature as the outside of our body. The idea behind this is to trick the nerve endings. If you hold very still in the water you start to lose the sense of where the water starts and where the body begins, this gives the nerves a rest they aren’t used to. Couple that with the darkness of the pod and the noise-blocking earplugs provided and your senses get a much-needed break that allows your brain to dip into a deep state of recovery and relaxation. 

4.Visualization  visulize-in-a-float-pod

 Most professional athletes will tell you that they spend a lot of time visualizing in preparation of athletic performance. There have been many studies that show visualization can improve performance just as much, if not more, as the actual practice of the action. This is because in visualization an athlete can practice their “perfect performance”. When you are in the deprivation chamber and most of your senses are not being used your brain can easily go into theta brain waves. Theta waves are where we are more open to suggestions allowing us to “train” the central nervous system.

5. Increased Energy   

Reaching the deeper levels of theta brain waves quickly allows your body and mind to recover. Most people do not fall asleep in the float tanks, however, if you do you will continue to float with no concern of drowning, but most people report feeling very refreshed after a float, similar to taking a nap. Also, the increased blood flow in the body can help improve your ATP production. 

6. Better Sleep  

The effects of the float can last days, some report even weeks. Most people report being able to fall asleep faster after a float. The combination of minerals that help the muscle relaxation, pain relief associated with the lack of gravity, and the deep rest the brain gets, all create a perfect environment for better, longer deeper sleep.  

Regardless of if you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or just trying to hit the gym to get rid of the dad bod, floating can be beneficial to almost anyone. It is also great for our teen athletes!

Who Knew 1,000 Pounds Of Salt Could Be Good For You?

In the era of clean eating, keto living and super awareness of what is healthy, you would never expect someone to write a whole blog on how this much salt can do a body good…but here it goes! 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, mixed with over 100 gallons of plain tap water can be one of the best things you can do for your mind and body. Still lost? Don’t worry, most people who read my thoughts are, but stick with me.

Have you ever heard of a float pod or deprivation chamber? If you haven’t you aren’t alone. While not a new treatment, most people are just now learning about the benefits of this service. Utah just joined the enlightened states and about 5 new float pod locations have opened through the state in the last year alone, so if you haven’t heard of it before, you will be hearing more about it very soon.

Beaute Marque Day Spa in Salt Lake City, Utah is one of those few new locations, the nice part about our location is that it is an addition to our spa. Meaning that, as far as I am aware, we are the only one who can offer this service as a standalone or as part of a full day of relaxation, rejuvenation and detox.

What is a float pod? Also known as a deprivation chamber, a float pod serves many purposes.

Relaxation – 1000 pounds of epsom salt, body temperature water and a pod that blocks out light and noise are a phenomenal mixture for a relaxing environment. Most people report reduced stress and anxiety for at least two days after a float. Couple this with a massage and or a sauna and you can expect days of residual relaxation.

    Detoxification – Epsom salt is a well-known whole-body detoxifier.
    Aids in muscle injury – Epsom salt is also a fantastic way to help your muscles heal faster.
    Helps with cronic conditions – There has been several scientific studies into the benefits of floating and the improvements of chronic pain. Especially joint and back pain. The weightless floating gives your body a break from the effects of gravity
    Meditation – If you find yourself struggling to meditate the deprivation of your senses can aid in deep meditation and self-awareness.
    Visualization – many professional athletes swear by the effectiveness of visualizations during their floats.
    There are many other benefits to floating, just give it a try and you will be hooked!
Oasis Float Pod Beaute Marque Day Spa

Oasis Float Pod Beaute Marque Day Spa

The Down Low On Chemical Peels

If you have ever seen someone recovering from a medical grade chemical peel or laser treatment, it probably ruined you from ever choosing to have your own chemical peel done. Chemical peels can leave people looking like a sunburned, leper monster for days, sometimes even weeks. This is NOT the norm; however, if this is the type of peel you are looking for, more power to you! You will need to visit your local Medi-Spa to have this treatment done by a Nurse Practitioner or Doctor.

If you visit a day spa in Salt Lake City (or really anywhere in Utah) you most likely will not have the sort of recovery process that we just dicussed. Here at Beaute Marque Studio we have three Master Estheticians who are licensed to do chemical peels. We use Image and Glymed skin care in our spa allowing us a wide array of peels to choose from.

Chemical peels are considered a “baby step” process. The skin needs to slowly be prepared for a strong chemical peel. Your skin care professional will help you map out a treatment plan based around your skin care concerns. Chemical peels can treat most skin concerns ranging from acne, pigmentation, pore size, texture, tone, firmness and fine lines and wrinkles.

For best results it is recommended that you are on a professional skin care program that includes Alpha Hydroxy acids and a skin lightener such as Hydroquinone. This isn’t a pushy up-sell when your skincare professional recommends products, it is truly in your best interest. There is honestly no point in spending your hard earned money on these professional treatments (not to mention the irritation of feeling like a snake shedding it’s skin for a week) if you are going to continue using over-the-counter skincare products. This is for a couple of reasons; first, if you don’t prep the skin properly you are at a higher risk for skin damage. Secondly, using the alpha hydroxyl acid for at least two weeks prior loosens up the dead skin and gives you better results from your chemical peel and the skin lightening product helps prevent any hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Thirdly, some over the counter acids can actually counteract the chemical peels process rendering it ineffective.

Now for what to expect the day of your chemical peel. Depending on the peel you are having done you may feel no pain at all, all the way up to feeling like you feel asleep on a Cuban beach for 10 hours. With the more mild ones your skin will usually feel completely normal by the time you leave your appointment. For the medium to strong chemical peels you may feel like you have a mild sunburn for a few hours to days after.

Some peels cause what we call “frosting” this is where the proteins in the skin holding the dead tissue to the live tissue have died. They will leave behind a white color to the skin that cannot be washed or wiped away. “Frosting” is a good thing and some peels, especially medical grade ones, have the goal of making your entire face white. This skin “frosting” will gradually turn a purple-brown and peel off leaving behind fresh, radiant new skin. DO NOT PICK OR GET SUN EXPOSURE DURING THIS PROCESS!

The first day after your peel your response may vary depending on your skin, the peel chosen and the amount of time or layers done. For mild peels you may feel a bit dry and your skin will sometimes darken for a few days. This is because the peel is working at a microscopic level. You will shed skin but it happens slowly so you don’t see it as much, if at all. Keep in mind the name chemical peel can be misleading, it doesn’t have to peel to give you results.
For the medium to strong peels the timeline is generally the same, you just see more skin come off with the stronger peels.
  • Day one your skin usually feels tight and maybe dry. This is most people’s favorite day because everything is firm and tight. Usually day two you will notice some darkening of the skin and what I lovingly call “elephant skin” this is when the skin is so tight that you have wrinkles that go horizontally and vertically. It’s a lot of fun!
  • Day 2-3 you will notice flaking around the mouth. It will move out from there. You will usually notice it more here than everywhere else, this is because this is the area we move the most from talking and if your like me, eating. Opening your mouth to take a bite out of a big burrito on day three will usually make your skin around your mouth look and feel like the Sahara desert, again so much fun! The peeling will usually continue for 4-7 more days.
  • If you’re a picker do your best to avoid the amusement park of dead skin on your face. Picking at skin may force tissue that is still attached to come off and can result in more dark spots on the face.

After one peel you can expect healthier, smoother skin. If you are doing a peel for acne you can expect a purging process where any trapped bacteria will come to the surface. It isn’t the peel itself causing this, these blemishes would have eventually came to the surface on their own over time anyway but with the peel we speed up the process. The good news is that the peel kills the bacteria and removes the dead skin so you heal much faster than normal from these breakouts. In my experience acne gets worse before it gets better with peels. I have had very aggressive acne since I was 13. I tried everything under the sun aside from Accutane, which scared the crap out of me, and it wasn’t until I started doing chemical peels that I was able to get it under control. It Isn’t gone though because if I miss a night of washing my face I wake up looking like a pepperoni pizza. In my experience my skin didn’t improve till about the third peel.

The same can be said with those who are doing peels to get rid of sun damage. As it pulls the damage cells to the surface it will get darker. Keep it up, as long as you are being diligent with keeping the UV off your skin and using an at home skin lightener it will begin to fade. Most of our sun damage was cause before the age of eight. If you have ever looked at your skin under a skin scanner you can attest to this. So sometimes you will see dark spots coming up where you didn’t have spots before the treatments began. It isn’t causing them but it is bringing them to the surface years before they would have been visible. This is why most people call them”age spots” it isn’t age that causes them but because they usually don’t surface till we are older so we think of them as coming with old age.

There is another type of skin darkening that happens called melasma or “pregnancy mask” this pigmentation isn’t due to UV radiation, hormones are the main culprit, however, UV exposure can exacerbate the discoloration. Chemical peels can help treat this but if your hormones are still causing the pigment change it will continue to come back. Luckily for most women this happens to, it’s caused by pregnancy and may continue during breastfeeding, but it usually fades after you quit breastfeeding without the use of products, laser or a peel.
If you have any questions about a reaction you are having after a chemical peel don’t hesitate to contact your skin care professional at Beaute Marque Studio.

How thousands of microscopic holes will fight father time

What does micro needling treat?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Pigmentation
  • Saggy skin
  • Improves texture and tone of skin
  • Produces collagen to aid in anti-aging

Micro needling pre-treatment instructions-

  • No Accutane use for at least six months prior to treatment.
  • Avoid retinoids, topical antibiotics, exfoliants, hydroquinone, and benzoyl peroxide 3 days prior to procedure.
  • You will get optimal results if you are on a professional skin care regimen including an AHA and skin lightening product. Speak to your skin care professional if you need help picking the best product for your skin.
  • No IPL, laser, microdermabrasion, chemical peels or waxing for seven days prior to appointment.
  • No shaving the day of your procedure, in area to be treated.
  • If you have a history of cold sores take your anti-viral for at least 2 days prior to treatment.
  • Do not have botox, fillers or any other injections within three weeks of your service.
  • As with all skin care procedures avoid tanning or a sun burn for at least one week prior to service.

Micro needling post-treatment instructions-

  • Do not use anti-inflammatory medications such as motrin, advil or ibuprofen as they will interfere with the natural inflammatory response that is responsible for your skin rejuvenation.
  • Avoid tanning and sun exposure for at least a week after your procedure. If you are in the sun make sure you are using a SPF of at least 30 and re-applying every hour.
  • Eat fresh pineapple to optimize healing.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, sweating and swimming for 24 hours.
  • Treat skin gently, washing with a gentle cleanser and cool water.
  • No exfoliation for three days after treatment. (Washcloths, clarisonic brushes, scrubs, enzymes, retinols or acids)
  • Restart professional skin care after 72 hours.
  • Avoid make-up for at least 24 hours. It is best to use a mineral make-up for a week following the procedure. Clean all make-up brushes before use.
  • Avoid excessive heat such as a sauna, hot shower or even putting your face near an open oven or over boiling water while cooking.
  • Do not scratch or pick at the skin.
  • Help your skin heal by using antioxidant/skin lightening serums. Ask your skin care professional for the best one for your skin.

What to expect-

During: Your skin care professional will cleanse your skin and apply a topical lidocaine to the area that will be treated. You will lay and relax for 30 minutes while your skin begins to numb. The treatment itself should be pain free to be mildly uncomfortable. Depending on the area, the needling procedure will take 10-30 minutes. After the procedure a moisturizer and sunblock will be applied. You may feel like you have a mild sunburn for a few hours after.

Day of: Most people are very red and feel a little swollen. You may also notice areas of pinpoint bleeding. You can use a cold compress and tylenol if needed but don’t get the skin wet for four hours.

Day 1: Your skin may continue to be red. It is possible to have a small amount of bruising, especially around the eyes. Most irritation should be gone. Your swelling may be slightly more noticeable.

Days 2-7: Your skin may feel tight and dry. Moisturize as often as needed. You may have some mild flaking since the needling increases your cell turnover ratio. A slight itching in the skin is normal. This is because you have caused a controlled wound to the skin and it is healing.

It will take 6-8 weeks to see full results of the treatment. For full benefits it is recommended to do 6 treatments 28 days apart.



  • You are prone to keloid scarring.
  • You are under current cancer treatment
  • You have an autoimmune disorder
  • You are on any blood clotting medication or have a bleeding disorder
  • You are pregnant
  • You have any open wounds or active cystic acne
  • You have scleroderma