Great Article on Micro Needling

I found this great article on about Micro Needling. I have had a lot of questions about it and while I have written some information on the blog about it, I thought this is great additional information. I am very excited to offer this service and have loved my results so far.

Wendy Lewis explores the buzz surrounding skin needling | Plastic Surgery Practice July 2014

By Wendy Lewis Skin needling, also called microneedling therapy, collagen induction therapy (CIT), and percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of a device that contains fine needles. The needles are used to puncture the skin to create a controlled skin injury. Each puncture creates a channel that triggers the body to fill these microscopic wounds by producing new collagen and elastin. Through the process of neovascularization and neocollagenesis, there is improvement in skin texture and firmness, as well as reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. Among the earliest proponents was Michael Pistor, the French doctor who is credited with having developed mesotherapy in 1952. In the 1990s, Montreal plastic surgeon Andre Camirand, MD, experimented with using tattoo guns without ink to treat postsurgical scars. South African plastic surgeon Des Fernandes, MD, founder of the Environ skin care range, introduced skin needling using a roller for treating vertical perioral wrinkles at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) congress in Taipei in 1996. There has been a recent proliferation of devices and systems on the market in this category that vary in the diameter and length of the microneedles, generally ranging from 0.5 to 3.0 mm. Essentially, there are two basic categories of devices: battery- and cord-powered systems. Each design has some advantages, and personal preference determines operator selection. There are also flat-edged tips versus beveled tips. Current devices range from mechanical to manual models with shorter needle lengths designed for home use to rollers or stamps with longer needles designed for skin professionals only. PCI has proved to be a simple and fast method for safely treating wrinkles and scars. Because the epidermis remains intact, the procedure can be repeated safely and is also suited to regions where laser treatments and deep peels are not typically performed.1 PCI therapy is now becoming widely used as a treatment for photoaged skin to improve the skin’s appearance and quality, and to improve or even prevent scarring.2 Microneedling can be performed in an office setting and does not require extensive training or costly equipment. Single-use systems are available for up to a few hundred dollars, with multiple-use devices costing roughly a few thousand dollars, depending on the model. It is cost-effective, and can be done on areas of skin that may not be suitable for peeling or laser resurfacing, such as around the eyes and mouth, hands, and chest. The procedure is well tolerated by patients with minimal downtime, and can be easily personalized by going deeper on some areas where skin damage requires a more aggressive approach. corrected resourcesINTRODUCING MICRONEEDLING Topical anesthetic cream is used to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure. Patients should be advised that multiple treatments will be necessary. The number of needling sessions depends on the individual skin condition. Three or four treatments may be recommended for mild to moderate acne scarring, whereas deeper scars and stretch marks may require upward of five treatments. An interval of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments is typically recommended. Many practitioners are also doing maintenance treatments at intervals of 6 to 12 months. When utilized for generalized skin resurfacing, products such as topical growth factors and antiaging serums are better absorbed in the skin as an adjunct to treatment. “Microneedling is a safe, chemical-free method that triggers new collagen production,” says Beverly Hills, Calif, nurse and aesthetic trainer Sylvia Silvestri, RN. “Because it can be performed on all skin colors and types, it is sometimes the preferred treatment over laser as there is no risk of burning the patient.”

What is Micro Needling?

Put up the good fight against aging! With this minimally invasive procedure we can produce collagen production, reduce the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pore size and scaring and tighten the skin. Also, works well on stretch marks.
What is Micro Needling? Micro Needling, also called collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin care procedure where the use of needles punctures the epidermis and forces super hydrating hyaluronic acid serum deep into the skin. This creates a controlled wound at the dermal-epidermal layer. Why would we want to “injure” the skin? This controlled wound encourages the skin to produce a large amount of collagen; this is what keeps the skin plump and supple. A series of this service can be as effective as a laser resurfacing treatment without the down time, risks or cost associated with a laser treatment.
Does Micro Needling Hurt? Your provider will apply a topical numbing agent 30 minutes prior to the treatment. You will still feel the process but it is very tolerable; it is most painful over bony areas such as the forehead and chin. The depth of needle penetration can also be adjusted to your tolerance.
What will I look like after my Micro Needling treatment? I looked like a tomato after my first treatment for about 12 hours. You will definitely want to plan your service on a day you don’t have anything important. The next morning, following my treatment, my skin tone was mostly back to normal; there were a few areas of splotches, as well as a few dots where the needles had penetrated. By the second day, my fine lines were drastically reduced and my skin looked extremely hydrated and supple.
What are the benefits of Micro Needling? Obviously, as with anything, results vary. Most people don’t see full results from the first treatment until about 28 days later, as it takes that long for the collagen to produce and plump the skin. To get full results, it is recommended to do 3-6 treatments at 4 week intervals, depending on the desired outcome. Studies have shown improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, scars, sun damage, pore size, stretch marks, firmness and overall tone and texture of the skin. It can be done anywhere on the body. The best part is that this service is the gift that keeps on giving as your body will produce higher rates of collagen for up to a year after a series.
Who is Micro Needling safe for? This is one of the most exciting parts about Micro Needling compared to other resurfacing treatments, as it is safe for all skin tones. The risk of adverse reactions is much lower than that of a laser treatment with similar results.
How long does a Micro Needling session take? The duration of your appointment really depends on the area being treated, as well as your tolerance for the treatment. Most appointments take about 30 minutes for the numbing process and 30 minutes for the treatment.
What does Micro Needling cost in Salt Lake City? The average price for a Micro Needling session at a medi-spa is $250, and at a day spa your looking at about $195. Here at Beaute Marque Studio we are a uniquely ran spa with several owners and that helps keep our overhead down. Due to this special environment, we are able to charge less for all of our services than most day spas. Our Micro Needling sessions start at $149 and are even more affordable when you purchase a package.

7 Reasons the Heat Will Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Beaute Marque's Infrared Sauna

Beaute Marque’s Infrared Sauna

Whether you have heard about infrared saunas or not, let me tell you right now, they are the best thing next to sliced cheese! I can think of over a dozen movies where you see the rich and famous relaxing in a dry or steam sauna. They make the scene look so relaxing and enjoyable, but that’s Hollywood for you. If you have ever tried to sit for longer than 10 mins in the intense heat of either of these saunas (where the heat is usually in excess of 200 degrees), then you know they are anything BUT enjoyable! So if you’re choosing to sweat it out in the sauna, most likely it is because you know the health benefits of a good sweat! What if I told you that you can get the benefits of a dry or steam sauna (and more) by sitting in a relaxing infrared sauna at a tolerable 120 degrees? Infrared saunas use light waves to heat your body from the inside out. It heats your entire body core and as such, the air around you doesn’t have to get as hot to do that same job as a traditional sauna. If you are reading this thinking “why would I want to sweat?” Let me give you 7 reasons why an infrared sauna can be an amazing boost for your health and beauty concerns:
  • Detoxification-

    An Infrared Sauna causes a deep sweat at the cellular level in the body. This helps to pull toxins from the cells and excrete them from the body through your sweat. This is a major health advantage and THIS ALONE is a reason to visit your local infrared sauna weekly, but wait… there is more!
  • Weight loss-

    Sitting in a sauna will burn up to 600 calories in a single one hour session. While this alone will not produce weight loss, doing this in conjunction with clean eating and exercise it can speed up your weight loss results. I’m sure you’re on board by now, but probably wondering how you can sit and read a book for an hour and burn as many calories as an hour of burpees?! When you heat the core temperature of your body your heart beats faster and moves more blood through out your body in an attempt to bring the core temperature down. The faster your heart beats, the more calories you burn. Which leads me to the next reason you should grab a package of infrared sauna visits.
  • Increases Circulation and Lowers Blood Pressure-

    In an article by “The Mayo Clinic” they reported evidence that use of an infrared sauna can help with congestive heart failure. They stated that more studies need to be done to know the extent that it can help, but assuredly advised that “no adverse side effects were reported” and as such, may be a great option for those with high blood pressure or decreased circulation.
  • Pain Relief-

    In this same article they reported that there have been benefits reported for those with rheumatoid arthritis. The heat of an infrared saunas can help relieve many pains and aches in the body, such as sore or injured muscles, fatigued muscles from a rigorous workout, cramps etc.
  • Wound Healing-

    The use of the infrared sauna has shown faster cell regeneration which can help with wound healing as well as speed muscle fiber regeneration after a workout.
  • Skin Purification-

    The deep sweat not only removes toxins deep from the cellular level but it also helps clean out blocked pores as well as improve the circulation of the blood to the skin giving you a healthier appearance.
  • Anti-Aging Benefits-

    There are studies that show that the infrared wavelengths help to encourage the body to increase collagen production, which drops dramatically as we age. Collagen is what gives your skin its healthy plump appearance, and as such is very important in keeping the skin young and vibrant in appearance.
If these reasons weren’t enough let’s add relaxation, especially combined with a massage, facial or detoxifying body wrap. With the temperature being lower than that of traditional sauna’s you can stay in longer, take in a good book, your meditation music or just enjoy the peace of being alone with your thoughts.

Enjoy our comfy infrared sauna alone or with a friend. $30 for a one hour session, $20 for a 30 minute session per person. Add it to a service for $5 off.

Purse Drive

Local Spa Collects Purses For Abused Women

In a collaborative effort to provide necessary toiletries and the overall feeling of peace and comfort for abused women, a local day spa and church are now joining forces.

Beaute Marque Studio is delighted to offer the public 20% off any new purse when you trade in your own, gently used purse. These purses that are being collected, will then be given to Southside Church of Christ; there, the Women’s Ministry will fill the purses with several, necessary toiletries for women.

Once full, these purses will be taken to the local YMCA and handed out to the women in need, most of whom left behind all of their belongings, in an effort to remove themselves from an abusive situation.

“Beaute Marque Studio is a locally owned spa, ran by a few women whom, unfortunately, have been in abusive situations themselves”, said a spokeswoman for the spa. “We have witnessed first-hand what it is like to leave behind everything in order to create a new life. We just want these women to know we are proud of them.. We want to be able to provide them encouragement and help restore their hope for an even brighter tomorrow.”

If you would like to donate your gently used or new purses to this great cause, please bring them by Beaute Marque Studio, located at 1321 East 3300 South, Suite 15, in Salt Lake City. You may also take them to Southside Church of Christ, located in West Jordan. Please feel free to contact Beaute Marque Studio directly, at: 801-940-7209 with any questions.

LASHES Are A Girls Best Friend

Lash extensions are taking the world by storm! Lashes have been around for years, but nowadays, we’re not just seeing them on celebrities; we’re seeing them everywhere we turn. From the lawyer, to the grocery store clerk, the yoga instructor, to the stay-at-home mom…. Literally everyone is jumping on the “Lash Wagon”. And really, who’s to blame them? Who wouldn’t want a fuller lash line without all of the work of primping, curling, coating on the mascara, taking supplements or prescriptions, more coats of mascara, more curling…. You get the idea.

You tell me all I need to do is lay down, close my eyes and take me a little “lash nap” and I’ll awaken with a full, thick, beautiful, lash line?? Uh yeah, I’m all in!!!

So what do I need to know about these fluffy, little (or big) new friends of mine? Do they really damage your natural lash? Do they really leave you looking bald? Let’s get to the truth behind the lash extensions & the most common misconceptions.


Lash Extensions damage your natural lashes. FACT…. That is, if you don’t see a LICENSED Lash Artist who cares about the overall integrity of your natural lashes. You see, lash extensions are simply dipped in glue and placed gently on top of your natural lash… Or so, they should be. Some “Lash Artists” who are inexperienced and/or not licensed with the state in which they reside, tend to lack the knowledge of proper application and sanitation of this wonderful thing we like to call “Lash Artistry”. Some of these inexperienced “Lashers” don’t properly isolate each natural lash before applying the synthetic lash to it. Some may use too much glue, causing neighboring lashes to adhere to each other. Some may use too heavy a lash for your natural lash. Others, simply put, just lack the proper training and lash technique altogether. Moral of the story? Always ask to see their license. (Cosmetology or Esthetic license; a certificate is not the same thing!) Ask who they trained through. (Reputable company you’ve heard of?) Watch their sanitation process. (Are they sanitizing their area and using fresh, new implements on you?) Remember, you are the client so ask all the questions you deem necessary! Knowledge is POWER.

Lash Extensions make your natural lashes fall out. FALSE. Our natural lashes are always shedding and growing, just like the rest of the hair on our body. Our natural lashes go through a “shed cycle” of sorts every 4-8 weeks. This cycle isn’t as noticeable to us, as we’re used to our naturally stubby, thin lashes. Thank goodness for lash extensions, right, ladies?! So let’s compare this growth/shed cycle to that of acrylic nails; the acrylic is placed over the natural nail bed, and as the nail grows, the acrylic goes with it. I bet this has you looking at your nails, wishing you had called your Nail Tech last week to book that appointment, huh?! Anywho, the same is true for your lashes; As your natural lash grows, the synthetic lash goes with it and eventually sheds and re-grows. So next time you see your synthetic lash fall out with the natural lash attached, remember that lash SHED = lash GROWTH.

Lash extensions cannot get wet. FACT…. For the first 24-36 hours after a full set or fill. This time frame allows the glue a chance to set in and bond to the natural lashes, allowing you longer lash retention. After that initial waiting period, you are good to go swim a couple laps, have yourself a good cry sesh or sweat it out at the gym! Also, remember that cleansing your lashes every few days, plays a key part in your lash retention; the less makeup and oils you have on your lids and lashes, the longer those fluffy friends will stay put! Ask your lash artist for their fave cleansing products to keep you looking fabuLASH!

Those were just a few lash facts we gathered for you. We sure hope this helps you make a better, informed decision when it comes to the ever lingering question, to lash or not to lash? Stay fabuLASH, my friends.

-Brooklynn Ellis